Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and find out more about these four key roles here at Worcester City Council.

Individually, each of these posts will play a crucial role in designing and delivering highly efficient and effective services to our community. Collectively they represent a significant part of our organisation’s management cohort, working together to achieve the very best long-term outcomes for Worcester. 

For anyone that wants to make a lasting impact in a fast-moving and dynamic environment, I believe that Worcester is an ideal place for your next career move. We’re stepping up to the challenges and opportunities of modern public service – putting our resources and commitment into activities where we know that we can make a positive difference for our residents, business and visitors. We believe that by taking the initiative, and by being prepared to ‘do’ as well as to ‘enable’ that we can achieve more for Worcester.

This readiness to take ownership of issues means real scope for capable professionals to expand and develop their skills – both in terms of their own specialist areas and as leaders in the wider spectrum of placemaking.

These roles will suit people who can operate successfully at the interface between the operational and strategic. Through effective functional and team leadership you’ll ensure high-performing, customer-focused services that relentlessly pursue value-for-money through innovation and continuous improvement. But you’ll also be able to see how your work connects to our wider social, environmental and economic objectives for Worcester and be able to play your part in seeing these come to fruition.

David Blake
The Council has engaged Solace in Business to support these important appointments. I encourage you to contact them on 020 7976 3311 to find out more. Good luck in your application.​​​​​​​
David Blake
Managing Director



The opportunity is further enhanced by the quality of life on offer. Worcester is a great place to live and to work. It’s got a true sense of identity that is rooted in its remarkable history, but one that also continues to evolve and develop today as a vibrant and bustling city.